Thakoon for NARS Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Earlier this year, NARS released a set of six vibrant nail polish shades inspired by Thakoon’s spring 2012 collection and I tested two of them out. Impressive is not a descriptor I thought I would associate with nail polish. Chip resistant, long wearing, easy to apply – sure. But impressive? Not exactly my go-to adjective. These were the first nail polish colors that I have tried by NARS and they left me pleasantly surprised. No – they left me impressed!

The first color up is Ratin Jot. In case you were curious like I was, Ratin Jot is an “Alkanet root which is Beetroot coloured and used as a colour in Tandoor dishes” according to Spices of India. NARS describes this color as “Orchid purple”. It is a lovely purple-pink, almost magenta color that looked very purple in some lights and pink in others. It applied wonderfully smooth and almost fully opaque on the first coat, but I applied 2 for good measure. It is such a unique color and while bright, I did not find it to be workplace inappropriate. If you are feeling like matching your nail polish to your makeup, I found that this color would match really well with MAC’s Up the Amp Lipstick & Coy Girl blush, which are both a very similar shade of purple-pink.

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The next color up was Koliary. This shade is described as “Cyan Blue” on the NARS site. What can I say? This color just made me happy. I have pale blues, navy blues, and blue greys, but nothing like this. It made me think of a super clear, bright blue sky the day after a good rain. It didn’t apply quite as smooth as the Ratin Jot, as there were still a few visible streaks after the first coat – but that could have been more due to my haste in application than anything else, as I was anxious to hold my 5 month old! After 2 coats, it was perfect!

If you haven’t picked these up yet, I would recommend doing so quickly as they are limited edition colors. Although they are more expensive than other polishes available, I think they live up to the hype and are well worth the price.

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