Butter London: Autumn/Winter 2012 Trustafarian Nail Lacquer Photos & Review

Trustafarian is one of the nail colors included in Butter London’s Fall/Winter collection for 2012. This is described as a sage green polish with golden holographic finish. This is unlike any polish I have ever seen and looks much more beautiful on than I imagined it would from looking at the bottle. In the bottle it just looks like it would be a slightly shimmery pale green. But let me tell you – if you are easily distracted by sparkly things like me, I do not recommend wearing this while driving during the day! 😉 It is highly holographic in the light and I probably stood outside for a good 20 minutes just moving my fingers around in the light! My family was laughing at me, but admitted that this polish was pretty darned cool!

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Butter London Trustafarian Nail Lacquer


Outdoors in the Shade:

Outdoors in the sunlight – AWESOME, right!? :

These photos are taken after only 2 coats. This was probably the easiest polish I have ever applied and it dried quickly and evenly. I picked this up for $14 dollars and would buy it again. This is a must have polish in my book because it’s not to loud indoors, but as soon as the light hits my nails, it just makes me smile!!

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