Butter London: Autumn/Winter 2012 Trustafarian Nail Lacquer Photos & Review

Trustafarian is one of the nail colors included in Butter London’s Fall/Winter collection for 2012. This is described as a sage green polish with golden holographic finish. This is unlike any polish I have ever seen and looks much more beautiful on than I imagined it would from looking at the bottle. In the bottle it just looks like it would be a slightly shimmery pale green. But let me tell you – if you are easily distracted by sparkly things like me, I do not recommend wearing this while driving during the day! 😉 It is highly holographic in the light and I probably stood outside for a good 20 minutes just moving my fingers around in the light! My family was laughing at me, but admitted that this polish was pretty darned cool!

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Butter London Trustafarian Nail Lacquer


Outdoors in the Shade:

Outdoors in the sunlight – AWESOME, right!? :

These photos are taken after only 2 coats. This was probably the easiest polish I have ever applied and it dried quickly and evenly. I picked this up for $14 dollars and would buy it again. This is a must have polish in my book because it’s not to loud indoors, but as soon as the light hits my nails, it just makes me smile!!

Butter London: Autumn/Winter 2012 Shag Lacquer Photos & Review

Shag by Butter London is a beautiful lacquer from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I love how it is described on the Butter London site: “A high-shine metallic nail lacquer in a warm orange-burgundy hue. Reminiscent of fallen Autumn leaves.” I think this description is spot on. I would liken it to the color of a penny. I included several photos so you could see how amazing it looks in different light!

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Overall I think this is the perfect fall polish. It was very easy to apply, and I was very pleased with how long it lasted. These photos were taken after two coats of polish. I didn’t put on a top coat because I got sidetracked and then decided just to go without. Without a top coat, this did not even show minor chipping for 5 days! I can’t wait to wear this with the menswear inspired clothing of fall – namely tweeds and vests! 🙂 I picked this up for $14 and would buy it again!

Sun Protection: SPF, UVA, UVB, PA+++… What does it all mean!?

Hello beauties! I’m sure many of us have heard that it is important to regularly wear sunscreen to protect our skin from premature aging without thinking about it much. But did you know that even though your face lotion may say SPF30 on it, it doesn’t mean that you are fully protected? I personally never spent much time dwelling on the topic of sun protection.  This all changed when I heard that the FDA was changing the regulations on product labeling because “SPF” was considered an imperfect measure of protection.  I decided to spend some time looking into what it all means and wanted to share what I have learned with you.

Let’s start with some basics.

First up is SPF. SPF stands for sun protection factor. The number associated with the SPF is the number of times longer that you will be protected from burning than you would be without sunscreen. For example, if you usually get a sunburn in 10 minutes when outside unprotected, you should not burn for 150 minutes if you are wearing an SPF15 product. The important thing to note is that this only refers to your protection time from UVB rays, with no specific expectation for your protection level from UVA rays. Here is an example….

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Ok – so what’s the difference between UVB & UVA rays and why should I care?

UVB rays are Ultraviolet B rays. I’m sure you’re thinking “OK, Dorea. Real helpful – that doesn’t tell me anything!” 😉 Well… Ultraviolet B rays are short waves and are the primary cause of sunburn.  These rays tend to damage the more superficial layers of the skin and are what most sunscreens historically claimed protection from.

For protection from premature aging however, it is important to pay attention to UVA or Ultraviolet A rays. These are long waves that are less intense than UVB rays, but more prevalent and can penetrate through clouds and glass (meaning if you work in an office with windows, you are still being exposed!). These rays reach the deeper layers of skin and play a larger role in premature aging, & wrinkling (yikes!).

Excessive exposure either type of UV ray (or both) is thought to contribute to and/or cause mutations leading to skin cancer!

So what does PA+++ mean? PA is a Japanese rating system in place before the new regulations that was a way to show how mubh protection you are receiving from UVA rays. You will see either PA+, PA++, or PA+++ on the label, with more + signs meaning a higher level of UVA protection. I use the Shiseido Eye protection eye cream below during the day because that is the first place I have started to see lines!!

This system has not been approved by the FDA, so if you want to be sure of the level of protection you are getting, look for something labeled “broad spectrum.”

Because SPF historically only indicated the amount of time that the user would be protected from UVB rays, new regulations will make it clear the level of protection you are receiving. Products will be required to label their packaging as  “Broad Spectrum SPF __” to indicate protection from both UVA & UVB rays. another important thing to note is that a product labeled Broad Spectrum & SPF 15 or higher can help reduce risk of cancer and early aging. SPF 2-14 has only been shown to help prevent sunburn.

Another new regulation on sunscreen labeling that will be going into effect is that products can no longer be labeled higher than SPF50. The reason is because SPF15 already blocks 92% of UVB rays, SPF30 blocks 97%, and SPF50 is only about 1-2% more effective than SPF30 and after that the benefit is little to none.

One more new thing… Companies can no longer claim their sunscreen is waterproof since it stands to reason that it will wash off at some point! For sunscreen meant to be worn while active, it will be labeled as “water resistant” and state the amount of time you can go without reapplying (either 40 or 80 minutes).

These new regulations for determining what can be considered “broad spectrum” protection  became effective on June 18th, 2012. To avoid a sunscreen shortage during the summer months, the FDA extended the compliance deadlines until December 17, 2012, so we should see the new labeling on products by the end of the year at the latest.

So do you remember all of that?? No? I don’t blame you! Here is the bottom line on what you want to look for to get the best protection from both UVB & UVA rays: Broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher (I look for 30).

Here are some examples:

I hope this has been helpful!!

For sources or more information, see below:




Also here is the FDA Q&A site for new sunscreen requirements:


Update: Things to Come

Hello my fellow makeup enthusiasts! I wanted to take a moment to talk about a couple of things.

First, Take Flight Beauty is now on Facebook (as of last week) so if you haven’t liked us, please do! Once we receive 100 likes, we will have a giveaway – so tell your friends! 😀

Second, I realized today that almost all of my reviews thus far (except for 2) have been for NARS products! I like most of the NARS product I have tried, and they were some of the newer items I had purchased so I wanted to get them photographed and posted before they got used. I want to ensure you that I have many more goodies in the queue for review!!

Below is a peek at some reviews I have planned for the coming weeks:

theBalm: Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palettes Vol. 1, 2, & 3
LORAC Pro Palette 08/10/12 photo
LORAC: Eyeshadow Pro Palette
Too Faced: The Matte Eye Eyeshadow Palette
Butter London: Fall/Winter 2012 Colors – Shag & Trustafarian

I also picked up several more Deborah Lippman and Butter London Lacquers, a few of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain pencils & colorstay eyeshadow palettes, and several items from the NARS Fall 2012 collection so stay tuned!!

Also, I will be working on a section of video tutorials and tips/tricks. Some of the things I been asked about & have in mind for topics are:

  • Face routine
  • Fishtail Braid
  • Contouring & highlighting
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Creating the perfect cat eye
  • Creating a smoky eye look
  • Applying fake eyelashes: individuals and strips
  • Under eye correctors & concealers
  • Sun Protection

Did you think of something you don’t see here? Let me know! Please send requests and suggestions to takeflightbeauty@gmail.com or leave a comment below. 🙂

Sale Alert! : theBalm Lipstick Triple Play Friday

Hello beauties!  I just found out about an upcoming deal to let you know about about: theBalm will be selling three Read My Lips lipsticks for the price of one (normally $17.00 ea) starting at midnight! This deal is one day only. I haven’t tried lipstick from theBalm yet, but I do really like their Shady Lady eyeshadow palettes so I will definitely be picking some up! Enjoy! 😀