theBalm: Shady Lady Vol. 2 (Zebra) Eyeshadow Palette Photos, Reveiw, & Swatches

This is the second installment in the 3 part Shady Lady series by theBalm. Once again, they did a great job with the 9 colors chosen for the palette. This time they included 5 shadows that double as liners; caught in the act courtney, feisty felicia ,insane jane, bossy bobbi, and makeout mary. Caught in the act courtney is a repeat from Vol. 1, but I  was pleased to see that the other 8 shades were different. Like the other shady lady palettes, most colors were easy to blend and I got a full work day out of them before any fading (I wore Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath).

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Here is a description of each color from :

Caught in the Act Courtney: a rich, warm brown with gold shimmer.
Feisty Felicia: black with violet shimmer.
Insane Jane: sterling silver.
Bossy Bobbi: a smokey blue.
Makeout Mary: chartreuse.
Just-This-Once Jamie: a charcoal plum.
Mischievous Marissa: a bold bronze.
Tempting Tara: white frost.
Devilish Danielle: a soft gold.

Top: caught in the act courtney, feisty felicia, insane jane
Middle: bossy bobbi, makeout mary, just this once jamie
Bottom: mischievous marissa, tempting tara, devilish danielle

My favorites out of this palette are bossy bobbi, makeout mary, and mishevious marissa. I think makeout mary is especially fun because it is golden-lime green, but still very wearable. I also found tempting tara & devilish danielle to be great highlighting colors. I found it interesting that insane jane looks almost copper in the pan, but swatches silver. The only color I had a hard time with was feisty felicia. I found that it was a bit dry on its own, but worked well with damp brush as a liner.

Again, I like the large mirror, but overall I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the packaging. It has held together well though, so it’s not a deal breaker for me. Each individual eyeshadow from theBalm retails for $16.00, so if you can use these colors, they are a good deal at $39.50 for the palette. theBalm has offered all 3 shady lady palettes for the price of 1 on a couple of occasions, in which case I definitely recommend grabbing them – I will make sure to let you know if they run that offer again! 🙂

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