NARS: High Society Eyeshadow Trio Photos, Review, & Swatches

This NARS High Society Eyeshadow Trio came out was part of the 2012 Fall collection and contains three complimentary colors that are spot on for the trends of the season. The colors are  Lavender, Matte Forest Green, and Iridescent Amethyst. I was so excited when I got this in the mail and wanted so badly to love it because these were exactly the colors I was looking to add to my collection, but I am sad to report that this was one of my most disappointing makeup purchases. The quality was far below what I would expect from NARS… I kind of LOVE their makeup, but I was not a fan of this eyeshadow trio at all. At one point I finally got the color to somewhat show up, but then 2 hours later it was barely there! I included swatches and photos of the shadow on my eyes below so you can be the judge.
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Swatches…. Yikes! My hand looks reeeealllly dry here :-/

On eyes: Lavender all over eyelid, Amethyst in crease, & Hunter Green on lash line and outer corner of eyelid

The quality of this palette was so disappointing! This was extremely difficult to blend and I felt like the color barely showed up despite my best efforts. I tried different primers, a damp brush, several layers…What can I say? I REALLY wanted to like this and find a way to make it work, but it was just an exercise in futility. This retails for $45.00 and I would definitely recommend saving your money! There are so many other eyeshadows out there that provide better color payoff and smoother application, that you could pass on this without missing anything.

6 thoughts on “NARS: High Society Eyeshadow Trio Photos, Review, & Swatches

    1. So true! I tried the Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette and I was SOOOO disappointed. It’s sad because I use at least one NARS product almost every day and used to be able to just buy any of their products without even testing because I knew they would be good.

        1. I suppose so… I really hate to return used cosmetics, but this was really disappointing so I may consider it. I paid good money! haha. I still love NARS… just really too bad about this particular item.

  1. It is such a shame the quality is so disappointing! I only own an eyeshadow duo palette from NARS (Alhambra) and fortunately it is silky and pigmented. It is a pity these gorgeous colours do not work so well…
    YOu have an extraordinary blog, by the way!

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