Teaser: Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful and Urban Decay

Hi Everyone! I just got this information from Urban Decay today about the new Oz palettes! I will have them next weekend when they become available at my local Sephora to review for you… But until then, here is a little teaser!

Which witch are YOU? Introducing, the Glinda and Theodora Palettes from Urban Decay inspired by Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful!! The first time we partnered with Disney, the Alice in Wonderland Palettes sold out within days and some people didn’t even use them so as to preserve their precious packaging. So THIS TIME, we thought it would be genius to feature them inside a Build Your Own Palette! That way, you can keep reusing the package forever by adding and removing whatever shades you want!! Each palette features 8 exclusive eyeshadows, a “get the look” card featuring a look from her character, a travel-size 24/7 Eye Pencil and a full-size Super Saturated Lip Color. A screaming deal for just $49 (a SSLC is $19 at retail, so you’re getting all those shadows for just $30!), get them while you can before they’re sold out! Available now on urbandecay.com  in stores 2/1.

Here are some photos from Urban Decay… gah! I can’t wait!!!

Glinda Palette:

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Let’s Catch Up!

Hi Everyone!!

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I added a new post. WOW, have the last couple of months been BUSY! I fell off the blogging wagon HARD over the holidays….  So let’s catch up!

First of all, I spent some time in Florida with my grandparents so they could meet the great-grand-baby! My grandmother came to visit when she was born, but my grandfather can’t travel quite as easily so we spent a week there and I ate as much home cooked Puerto Rican food as I could handle! YUM!

We also got little Mila’s ears pierced. When I was a baby, by mom and grandma took me to get mine pierced in Miami so it was appropriate to carry on the tradition…

Mila got earrings!
Photo courtesy of Rosie

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