Let’s Catch Up!

Hi Everyone!!

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I added a new post. WOW, have the last couple of months been BUSY! I fell off the blogging wagon HARD over the holidays….  So let’s catch up!

First of all, I spent some time in Florida with my grandparents so they could meet the great-grand-baby! My grandmother came to visit when she was born, but my grandfather can’t travel quite as easily so we spent a week there and I ate as much home cooked Puerto Rican food as I could handle! YUM!

We also got little Mila’s ears pierced. When I was a baby, by mom and grandma took me to get mine pierced in Miami so it was appropriate to carry on the tradition…

Mila got earrings!
Photo courtesy of Rosie

After that was Thanksgiving. Boy and I had both sets of parent over and cooked a feast of smoked turkey stuffed with lamb, rice, and pinon nuts as well as potatoes and veggies…  Then came the crazy time at work when everyone is trying to get things done at the last minute before the holidays. Whew. That was exhausting. After that, I scrambled to get all my holiday shopping done and we had a “feast of 5 meals” at my parents on Christmas Eve. That included an AMAZING scallop ceviche, some steamed mussels, aaaand I can’t remember the rest right now. But the ceviche… Mmmmmmmm… I will find the recipe and post for you because I still dream of it. 😉

Then came Christmas. All the shopping was done, and we all donned these awesome animal slippers I found while we opened gifts and cooked.

Christmas animal slippers

Little Mila was completely spoiled for her first Christmas and we all had so much fun watching her! She is the only grand-baby on either side of the family, so she gets all the love! (Though I think her favorite things were the wrapping paper and the boxes things came in) Also – Boy and I got engaged!!!!! So now there is wedding planning to attend to! This is right after I said yes in my super sexy Christmas pajamas… hahahaha

Photo courtesy of my Mom, Rosie
Photo courtesy of my Mom, Rosie


Through all of the craziness I kept thinking of things to blog about and I took advantage of some Sephora sales to get some goodies to review for you, so stay tuned for more.

Thanks for reading & I look forward to talking to you all again!



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