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Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Dorea and I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, daughter, and very large cat.

Family Kayaking At Lake Merritt

I work in tech by day and blog by night. I very much enjoy the tech industry, but outside of that makeup is my art and fashion and travel are my passions.

I first started my blog when pregnant with my little girl and I though I loved what I was doing, I found consistency to be difficult.

2 jobs and 3 homes later, I found a place where I feel more confident and comfortable with my voice and feel like I can create content I am proud of.

After initially starting this blog several years ago as a place for product reviews and picture tutorials, I felt uninspired.

I still enjoy reviewing products and sharing with you items I enjoy, but now you will see those topics mixed in with more video tutorials and style posts so that I can feed my creativity.

My hope is that you find what I share with you here to be both informational and inspirational.

Please let me know if at any time there is something you are curious about or want to see more about. I love to read comments and look forward to our conversations! <3

Why did you name your blog Take Flight Beauty?:

Let me share with you a few stories then come back to what the name means to me.

Ever since I was a child, I have had an affinity for flight.

I remember doing science projects on aerodynamics and being simply over-the-moon with joy when I first went on an airplane.

Several trips later and looking out the window on a plane still brings me so much joy! One of the best gifts I ever received was a flight lesson that my husband treated me to.

My father worked in landscaping and once brought home a baby hummingbird that had fallen from a tree and broken its wing. We nursed it back to health and let it free once mended.

For a few months after, Green Jeans (that’s what we named it because of it’s bright green feathers) would stop by my bedroom window until one day it found a mate and they flew away together.

Me with Green Jeans
Me with Green Jeans

To me flight has always represented a lightness of heart and the ability to rise above any negativity.

It’s the strength to break through and fly past any expectations that anyone else may have for you and reach new heights in your life.

Here is my introductory post from July 21st, 2012 if you’re curious:

Welcome to Take Flight Beauty! I am starting this site as a result of what I refer to as my beauty bender.

Let’s back up a little bit…. Since I stopped working in restaurants and got out of those lovely uniforms (I regret to admit that I have sported all manner of collared shirts that definitely did not take the shape of a woman’s body into consideration), I have developed a bit of an affinity for clothes, shoes, and all things fashion.

Then I got pregnant. Trendy clothes didn’t fit and my feet would go on strike any time I tried to squeeze their swollen form into heels.

I had always enjoyed makeup and beauty products but never really experimented much. I just stuck with what I knew and maybe tried a new eyeshadow color out once in a while.

While going through a crazy nesting house cleaning day, I found a $25 gift card to Sephora that had been given to me several months earlier and remained unused. Crazy – I know! I hadn’t been to Sephora in years, but I decided I would go take a look.

At first I was a bit intimidated by the enormous selection – until then I had stuck with the department store counters only really exploring M.A.C., Clinique, and Shiseido. After about 30 minutes, I realized the money that had not been spent on clothes or after work cocktails in months had found a place to go!

Thus began my aforementioned beauty bender. I started making bi-weekly and sometimes weekly trips to various shops to get new products to experiment with. In between those trips, I would shop online.

I found that I enjoyed trying different color combinations and the art of highlighting or minimizing the appearance of certain features. I have since spent several hours reading books and watching tutorials on application techniques, but I will not pretend to be a schooled makeup artist.

The idea behind this site is to chronicle the products I try so I remember what I liked or didn’t and develop my skill in application, while hopefully providing you with helpful information.

I will provide swatches and my honest opinion on products I have tried, keep an updated list of my favorites, and provide tutorials on looks and techniques I like. I’m sure I will learn along the way and I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

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